Arsene Wenger is Running Out of Time


When it rains, it definitely pours. After a shock loss to Blackburn in the FA Cup on Saturday, Arsenal now face an uphill battle to stay in the Champion League after losing 3-1 at home to the impressive Bayern Munich.

The performance yesterday by Arsenal really showed the lack of quality in the team compared the more organised and efficient German counter parts.

So what went wrong with Arsenal?

Defensively they were all over the place as usual and always look to concede goals. It doesn’t help when you have you best defender Vermaelen playing left back, while starting Mertesacker who is slow and is always likely to give the ball away.

Walcott, for me, does not work as a lone striker. There were many times when he was just outnumbered and beaten in the air by the Bayern centre backs. They looked much better when Giroud came on and Walcott was shifted to the right wing, where immediately this combination created chances.

The midfield struggled to have any impact on the game with Ramsey and Arteta often losing possession quite easily. The only positive was Jack Wilshire, who was the only one really fighting out there, he tried to make thing happen by taking on defenders but he can only do so much by himself.

Is the problem Arsene Wenger?

Well Arsene physically can’t score goals himself but I think the players just aren’t good enough. From the teams of Henry Bergkamp Vieira to Van Persie Fabregas and Nasri, I just think his teams are getting worse and the current team does not match up to his previous teams.

How many Arsenal players would you want to have in your team? My only pick would be Wilshire.

There’s always the argument of does he have money to spend, and if he does, why doesn’t he spend it. I think there is money to spend because before they needed to pay off the The Emirates stadium but Arsene is choosing not to. Also what is happening to the money from the sales of Van Persie and Fabregas.

Look at Newcastle who have drastically improved after buying many cheap French players. You don’t always have to spend much to improve, it’s just getting the right players. Players like Demba Ba who cost Chelsea £7 million are easily affordable.

So with no trophies coming up to 8 years, Arsene is definitely at fault for not build a good enough team. Players like Gervinho really shouldn’t be playing football full stop. Arsene really should have focussed on the FA Cup rather than the Champions league as I think more fans would want to see Arsenal lift a Trophy and obviously Blackburn was much easier than Bayern.

Should Arsene be sacked?

In my opinion no. He has won before so I think he can win again. You can argue that they need a fresh start all together but if a new manager comes in, will he be allowed to spend on new players?

Even if he is able, it will still be a few years of rebuilding before coming close to winning again. Arsene just needs to buy players because at the moment the current team is very average at best.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think, should he be sacked?


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