PS4 Gains Advantage Over Xbox


The PS4 has been just been announced by PlayStation and I must admit, I am impressed. As a PS3 owner myself, even I know that the PS3 lost badly to the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 in the last round of console battles.

So what is new?

Well here are the technical specs:

  • Supercharged PC architecture
  • X86 CPU
  • Enhanced PC GPU
  • 8GB Unified Memory
  • Local Storage HDD

I am definitely not be the most technical person around, so some might be able to give more insight in the comments below, but I am hearing that this is pretty good. (I really have no idea!)

Anyway the new DualShock 4 controller was launched as well and you know what? It looks pretty much the same as the previous DualShock 3 controller. It will offer enhanced rumble and reduced latency, a touchpad, a headphone jack and a new Share button, which will allow players to record gameplay or screenshots and share them instantly.

dualshock 4-580-75

Other features of the PS4 include a ‘suspend mode’ where you can instantly return to your game where you left off after you have switched off your console. This will eliminate having to boot up your console and load your game save. Also it will allow downloads and updates to be done in the back ground so you can carry on with your game.

The biggest new that I think was revealed was the PlayStation network features using a new PlayStation cloud services. Here are some features:

  • Instantly try out games on the Playstation store without downloading them
  • Share gameplay videos with share button
  • Let PSN friends spectate your game from home, manipulate levels while you play or even take over for you
  • Multicast your game live over Ustream

In terms of games, all the games looked pretty good. There wasn’t a big jump in graphics like there was from PS2 to PS3. However the demo of the Quantic Dream engine (the creators of Heavy Rain), I think really showed the next stage in graphics for gaming. It was almost movie like and the details were extraordinary. Take a look for yourself here:

Other than this there were demo’s from the expected types of games Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadowfall and Watchdogs, which I am very much looking forward to.

Then surprising news came out as Bungie announced that its new title Destiny was coming to PS4 and will have exclusive PlayStation content.This is big news as PlayStation has managed to get the developer that made one of the biggest selling franchises Halo, exclusive to Xbox, and bring a new game to the PS4.

Is it all over?

No. Definitely not. But PlayStation took the advantage by going first and setting the bar for Xbox. Now they have to come up with something better because they now know what the competition is as.

Going first I think was important because if Xbox announce any features that are similar to the PS4, people will immediately say that they have just copied the PS4.

The only things that weren’t announced were the console design, price and when exactly the PS4 will be released. Maybe they are holding something back but these are more likely to be confirmed at the gaming event E3 later this year in June.

What do I expect from Xbox?

Well I think the PS4 has gone in the right direction with the social network and the cloud service, so Xbox will probably do something similar. But I think that maybe Xbox is leaning towards some sort of upgrade or improvement in the Kinect, making some sort of  new virtual gaming (I’m really just guessing here).

If Xbox focuses on a new Kinect like features, how will the more hardcore gamers fell about this. Now the PS4 has kept the focus on gamers with features like streaming, which is popular in the Youtube community, so hardcore Xbox gamers may feel left out.

Obviously it is too early to say the PS4 has won as we have not even seen the new Xbox. Let me know what you think of the PS4 in the comments and what you expect from the new Xbox.

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