Hello and welcome to my blog 1 More Game.

My name is Jimmy and I am a recent graduate from The University of Reading in Management and Business.

I have started a blog for two reasons. Firstly I would like to improve my writing skills as I feel creative writing is good skill to have and hopefully you will see the improvement in my blog posts. Secondly I love to read other blogs and articles especially reading comments left by others, leading to a discussion on what they have just read.

My blog will mainly evolve around two of my passions, sports and gaming.  It will include my thoughts on the latest news, talking points and public opinions.

I am a big sports fan especially of football and basketball where I support Manchester United and the Miami Heat. I know I am a ‘glory hunter’ but I support Man Utd because my local team is terrible and I support Miami because I am a big fan of Lebron James, so you could say I really just support the player rather than the team.

I am an avid gamer, even though it is seen as a ‘geeky’ hobby, I still enjoy it. I own a PS3 and play a variety of games with some of my favouties being Uncharted, Call of Duty, The Last of Us and GTA 5.

I hope to promote interesting discussions so be sure to leave a comment, subscribe and follow me on twitter @1MGame.


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