My Premier League Predictions


So another year has passed and summer is almost over. Men all over the country will soon join forces and prepare for battle. It can only mean one thing. The Premier League is back!

The Premier League is back on Saturday and it is probably going to be the closest it has ever been. New mangers and players for the big teams fills this upcoming season with unpredictability and excitement.

The biggest change has to be with David Moyes becoming the new Manchester United manger. Can he live up to the expectation and pressure that is associated with Man Utd or is he too inexperienced?

The return of ‘The Special One’ at Chelsea poses another interesting question. They say it’s never as good the second time around, so will he be able to guide Chelsea back to title which he won first time around.

With so many questions, everyone has a divided opinion. So I’ll give my predictions of the top 5 come the end of the season.

1. Manchester City

As much as it pains me to say this, I think Man City will be Premier League Champions. In my opinion I thought Man City had the best squad last season but maybe struggled with Mancini’s management style of his players and tactics in key games. With Pellegrini now as manager, they have brough in someone with a good track record and taking Malaga within touching distance of the semi finals of the Champions League. Man City have done their transfer business early and have spend big in bringing  in a number of quality players to add to their existing strong squad. One to watch out for is Jesus Navas, who I think is a very tricky customer with his pace and skills.


2. Chelsea

The Europa league winners are sure the challenge again this season. With Jose Mourinho being back at Chelsea, I’m sure it will give the players and fans an added boost. You know exactly what you’re going to get with Jose. A very defensive style of football, with his team usually sitting back and trying to nick a goal. Although they have not made many major signings, only Andre Schurrle, they do possess the best attacking midfield in the league with Mata, Hazard and Oscar. I expect the Mourinho factor to lead Chelsea challenging closely for the title.


3. Manchester United

You may be thinking why have I put Man Utd third when I support them. But I’m just being realistic here, especially with Sir Alex retiring, I just don’t see us being as successful. I honestly think that our squad is not that good, especially our midfield which is so weak. I think that Sir Alex is such a good manager, he managed to get the best out of average players. The other unknown is David Moyes. Yes he did well at Everton with a limited budget but he is not experienced at the top level.  With no signings at the moment, fans are starting to get worried that he will not bring in the big names. I’m sure United will be up there as usual, this same squad did win the league last season by 11 points so it all can’t be bad.


4. Tottenham 

Spurs have spent big with new headline signings of Paulinho and Soldado is sure to lead them into the Champions League. Spurs ran Arsenal close last year for 4th with an arguably a weaker squad and a heavy reliance on Gareth Bale. I gave Spurs the edge this because they have made some great signings. I really like the look of Soldado, who is just a goal scoring machine and is exactly what Spurs were missed last year. If Spurs somehow manage to keep Bale as well, then maybe they can even challenge higher up.


5. Arsenal

Arsene Wenger gets the same criticism every summer. Why doesn’t he buy players when they have the money? I predict that Arsenal will miss out on Champions League this year because their squad is just not good enough and they haven’t brought in any new players. To be fair to Arsene, he has done well with such a poor squad, giving them Champions League football year after year but still no trophies. Arsenal are desperate for new players. In my opinion I think that they need a goalkeeper, two defenders, two midfielders and a striker before they even think about challenging for the title.


So these are my predictions for the Premier League. Let me know in the comments what your predictions are for this up coming season.


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