The Greatest Shot in NBA History?


As game 6 was winding down, the Spurs had the champagne ready to open but Ray Allen had other ideas.

It was not looking good for Miami, down by 3 with just over 10 seconds to go. At this point you could feel the press getting ready to write their articles bashing the Heat.

There would have be so many questions flying through the air.

“Has the big three project been a failure?”

“Will the Heat trade one of it’s superstars?”

“Do Miami need a new coach?”

“Has Lebron ruined his legacy”

With just over 10 seconds to go, Lebron pulls up for 3 pointer and it hits the rim. Questions about Lebron being clutch in the 4th quarter and not as good as Michael Jordan begin to arise.

As the ball bounces off the rim, Chris Bosh manages to grab the rebound with Tim Duncan surprisingly not in the game.

About 7 seconds remain Bosh passes the ball to Ray Allen. Who then has the sense of mind to back up to the 3 point line and shoot.

San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat - Game 6

This shot was essentially ‘it’. Should he miss then it would have been difficult to get another shot at a 3 and if the Spurs got the rebound, they would win the NBA Championship.

This is how it played out.

With Miami going on to win the game in overtime, Ray Allen not only saved the Miami’s season but removed all the questions that would have been surrounding the Heat had they lost.


I think this shot will go down as one of the greatest shots in NBA history. What makes it so great is the pressure of the situation, about the the NBA Finals and being down by 3 with about 7 seconds as he goes to hit the shot. Also the nature of the shot is so difficult as Ray is back pedalling as he is receiving the pass from Bosh and somehow gets enough momentum going forward to make the shot.

Next up Game 7.


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