10 Best Things About Black Ops 2


Black Ops 2 has been frustrating but after recently buying Killzone 3, may be it wasn’t so bad after all. 

Whilst Killzone 3 campaign is good, I did not enjoy the multiplayer as much.

I found it very slow paced and most of it was just running around the maps for a very long time with no action.

I definitely prefer the Call of Duty Multiplayer and before you say it, I will admit I am a “COD Fanboy” I do enjoy the franchise and in my opinion it still is the best FPS multiplayer.

I’m not saying Killzone 3 is a bad game but it’s just not for me.

After my experience it got me thinking, and excuse the pun, about giving Black Ops 2 a second chance.

So I thought of posting a follow up to my other post 10 Things Wrong with Black Ops 2 and talk about the 10 best things that I like about Black Ops 2.

These are in no particular order.

1. Pick 10 System

This is probably the greatest innovation for the COD franchise and you’re no longer stuck with the rigid form of three perks, tactical, lethal and secondary weapon . It allows for an increase in customisation for your class setups, whether you want more perks or attachments, you can create a class to suit you. The wildcard system balances this out so you can’t have too much of something.

2. Diamond Camo

This is the first COD that has a “secret camo”. It’s nice that they put something like this in the game as it gives you something to aim for and make you use all the guns.

3. Scorestreak System

I like that you get more points for playing the objective and having your scorestreaks include things like taking out enemy equipment. I have gotten many points from just throwing an EMP grenade into a room where a camper is, it’s surprising how much equipment they use. The only issue I have is in Kill Confirmed where there should be equal points for kills and tags because players now run like headless chickens trying to steal your tags

4. Post Patches

Treyach have been very active in releasing patches for the game. They often fix many glitches and adjust weapon balancing if they feel it’s necessary. It’s always a positive to know that Treyach is always looking to improve upon their game unlike Infinity Ward for MW2 and MW3.

5. No Deathstreaks 

Remember Robert Bowling at COD XP announcing MW3 with his famous quote “f*** you last stand”. Well that was a lie. But finally there are no more bad deaths from last stand/second chance or even dead man’s hand.

6.  Separate Perks & Attachments

By having attachments affecting the gun and perks affecting the player, this creates more balance in the game. Also by removing pro perks adds to the perk balance, making them less powerful and adds more choice of different perks.

7. Prestige System

The prestige system is the best one so far because you get to keep your attachments you have unlocked even after you prestige. There is also the option to prestige your weapon and still keep  the camo’s you have already unlocked. This provides added incentive to reach master prestige where everything is unlocked.

8. Presentation

This might be the best looking Call of Duty yet. The array of colours and detail on the maps is definitely an improvement on the greys and browns of MW3. The menus look clean and fresh, and the colour scheme fits well within the game.

9. Weapon Balance

I know that I have mentioned snipers and shotguns in my 10 Things Wrong with Black Ops 2 but generally there is good weapon balance. In previous games there were really only 3-4 good guns and everybody seemed to use them. But now, all the guns are usable and, excluding snipers and shotguns, are well balanced.

10. Gun/ Personalisation DLC 

This is the first time a gun has been included in a DLC. I think this is good and gives more incentive to buy the DLC. Also earlier this week Treyarch released personalisation packs for Xbox 360 and these include new weapon camo, extra class slots and national flag calling cards. This adds extra customisation but can be quite costly as you have to buy them separately.


I do have a love hate relationship with Black Ops 2 and Call of Duty in general.

Black Ops 2 is a pretty good game but like I said in my 10 Things Wrong with Black Ops 2, it doesn’t matter what new features you include because if the connections are bad, the game is virtually unplayable .

Leave a comment and let me know what you think are the best things about Black Ops 2.


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