Funniest Black Ops 2 Seller on Ebay

blops 2 ebay 1.1

As you may know from last gaming post, I have been looking on Ebay for cheap deals on used games and I found something that was quite amusing. Click the link to see my post on Why You Should Buy Used Games.

So while I was looking for used games, I saw a copy of Black Ops 2  with the word ‘Spares‘ and ‘Faulty’ in the title. I thought to myself how on earth can a PlayStation 3 game be sold for spares.

After seeing the picture of the disc being smashed into pieces, I decided to check it out just to see what was put in the description.

Here is the description that was put for this game, I found it quite funny especially as he calls it ‘Rage Quit Memorabilia’.

blops 2 ebay desc

blops 2 ebay questions

This guy either has anger issues or there are problems with Black Ops 2, or even both!

You can see some of things he mentions about Black Ops 2, I have also discussed in my 10 Things Wrong with Black Ops 2 post so I can sympathise with him.

But even though I do get frustrated with Black Ops 2, I have never felt the need to smash up my game disc afterwards. I still do enjoy Black Ops 2 from time to time but sometimes it is just unbearable.

What’s surprising to me is that someone actually did buy this game for £3.20. I mean who would really want a broken disc.

Have you ever been so angry that you have smashed a disc? What is the worst thing you have done when you have raged? Let me know in the comments below.


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