Why You Should Buy Used Games


After Call of Duty leaving me frustrated, I really wanted to play something else. There are not a lot of  games coming out at the moment so I decided to look on Ebay for any cheap deals.

I searched for games that had a 99p start with little or no bidders and to my surprise there were actually some decent games available.

There was the usual FIFA games from about 5 years ago but there were games like Battlefied, Borderlands, Assassins Creed and Medal of Honor.

I decided to buy 3 games and these were Resistance 2 & 3 and Killzone 2. These 3 games cost me £5.64 and £13.14 with postage. Even though postage costs were higher than the actual games, it was still, in total, cheaper than buying used from Amazon or trade in stores like CEX.

After seeing many decent games sell cheaply under £5, it got me thinking.

Do you always need to buy new games?

The main reason that people often stay away from used games is that they worry about the game not working. There is often a fear of the disc being scratched and thus affecting the way the game plays.

However I have not experienced any problems with the used games I have bought. More often than not people will put in their descriptions on Ebay of any issues, like minor scratches, with the game but not always. Also stores like CEX do provide a guarantee so you can return the game if it is faulty.

I only buy games new if I really want the game badly or if it comes with a good pre-order bonus. The last game I brought new was Call of Duty Black Ops 2 because of the the Nuketown 2025 pre-oder bonus.

If the game price has fallen so much that there is virtually no difference between new and used, I would more likely then buy new.

 One Major Problem

A couple of years ago many game publishers, including EA and Activision, introduced an online pass system where if you wanted to use online functions, then you would need to input a code that would be given with the new game.

This system was introduced to stop stores from making profits from selling second hand games and allowing publishers to get a return on their games.

This is a major problem because more likely than not, when buying a used game, the code has already been used or does not include a code. The code is important because the majority of gaming is now done online as this extends the games life cycle.

So if your buying a used game that does not have an online pass, you would have to buy it separately.

Next Gen Uncertainty

After the PS4 conference it is unclear whether there are going to be any second hand games at all. During the conference they mentioned that you would be able to try games instantly before you buy them.

Will games only be sold through the PlayStation Store? If this is the case then game stores and second hand games would be eliminated. But it is still unclear on how the PlayStation Store system will work.

To Buy or Not To Buy

I would say definitely buy used games as you can get incredibly cheap deals on games especially if you are not looking to play multi-player. In relation to the online pass, there are some second hand sellers that include a unused online pass, so be sure to keep a look out for them.


4 thoughts on “Why You Should Buy Used Games

  1. Whilst I agree that buying used games from eBay is the savvy thing to do, I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing it in stores. They often charge only slightly less than for the new version and retain a huge profit margin for themselves giving nothing back to the developer of the game. Remember, if you really like a game, support the developers, not the Game store!

    • Thank you for your comment April and I completely agree with you in supporting the developer. I don’t buy from game stores anymore because, like you said, they are badly overpriced for new and used games. That’s why I think buying used games online is great way to get a bargain deal for a game.

  2. I hope that if PS4 decide to make a lot more games available via the store, that they reduce the price. It’s more expensive to buy a game to download on PS3 and Xbox, than it is to buy the game brand new from a store. I don’t understand this logic, considering you are not using discs, or having fancy printed cases.
    I always buy CoD brand new however, have you checked out Zavvi? I’ve found their brand new prices better than second hand eBay in a lot of cases. Check out their Monday deals. (I do not work for them, by the way, but they are where I get most of my games from that need online passes, like Mass Effect).

    • It will be interesting to see how the new try before you buy system works with the PS4. If PlayStation makes games exclusive to the PS Store, then surely the prices will remain high because there is no other place to get games. But like you’ve said, if the new PS Store is the same as it is now, people will go elsewhere to buy games as it will be cheaper. I never though of using Zavvi because I thought they charge the same high prices as retail stores but I will go check and check them out now.

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