10 Things Wrong with Black Ops 2


Black Ops 2 is very frustrating to play, is it as bad as MW3?

I decided to play Black Ops 2 multi-player over the weekend because there was double xp and I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to rank up. But Instead of having fun, I really got frustrated with the game.

There were so many annoyances that I just gave up with the game and I felt like never playing it again. I usually do enjoy the Call of Duty franchise but lately I feel that the games released are just getting worse.

I know I’m a very average player with a 1.15 K/D but usually I can get a decent amount of kills, play the objective and not be a liability on my team. Also I always play by myself so I have no support from a party of friends.

So here are the things that I think are bad about Black Ops 2 and need changing, whether it’s in this game or the next Call of Duty. These are in no particular order.

1. Bad Maps

Nearly all the maps in the game are terrible. The maps are all small with very narrow paths that have loads of unnecessary objects like barrels and boxes, letting players just stand behind them ‘head glitching’. There are also many buildings with many windows. This just make people sit in them the whole game without moving and gets annoying when you have to try and get them out. The only map I enjoy is Raid because of the wide open spaces and the layout is perfect for all game types.

2. Hunter Killer Kill Streak

This has to be the most annoying kill streak and for some reason it always seems to hit me. I think it’s too easy to get and as soon as it’s in the air, it is instant death because it can come down so quickly.

3. Delayed Soldier Call outs

For some reason the call outs that the soldier’s give are always late. This is with enemy kill streaks such as the hunter killer and lightening strike. I usually get killed by the hunter killer before the soldier says “enemy hunter killer drone inbound”. The warning is always so late that you don’t have any time to run inside a building.

4. Camo Unlock System

I think some of the challenges needed to get a camo can be too difficult such as revenge kills. Although I have not experience this myself, the head shot challenges does also promote boosting. I think the MW3 system was better as it just rewarded you for using the gun for a certain amount of time.

5. Target Finder Attachment

This is one of those where it’s fun if you use it but it’s annoying if you get killed by it. There are many times where I felt ‘how did he see me’ or ‘there is no way he could of seen me’ and then I die instantly because they managed to get a head shot.

6. Overpowered Snipers

Sniping needs to be toned down or taken out the game completely in my opinion. As soon as you see a sniper, up close or in the distance, it is instant death. There is also no flinch on snipers. You can put many bullets into them but they instantly quick scope you. The kill cam then shows that their aim was not affected from being shot by you or missing you completely.

7. Shotguns

Similar to snipers, it is instant death if you see one. Again even if you shoot first, putting many bullets into them, you will die. Also the range of the shotguns is far too long so it’s almost like have a mini sniper in your hands.

8. Matchmaking

This one puzzles me the most. As mentioned above I am a very average player but for some reason I always get team-mates that are much worse than me and I usually get the top score on my team. There was one game where I went about 25-10 in kills and deaths but the rest of my team-mates were like 7-22 and 9-24 and obviously we lost. I thought that there was skill based matchmaking, surely I can get some better team-mates.

9. Spawn System

Lets face it, the spawn system is terrible and probably the worst it’s ever been. The enemy team always seem to spawn around me and I always find myself running into 2-3 enemies at a time or getting shot in the back. One of the reason for is is probably the small maps but even still there is no reason for me to spawn behind an enemy or vice versa.

10. Lag Compensation / Hit Detection

Saving the best for last, I have put these two together because they are kind of related. The lag compensation, where it is like people with bad internet connections getting an advantage, is really bad in this game.Many times in this game you will be shooting someone and you will instantly die, but the kill cam will show that you didn’t even shoot. Things like this and players looking the wrong way shooting at you, really does get you frustrated. Similar to this with the hit detection, some people can just absorb bullets and they will then just turn around a kill you. After watching many kill cams seeing me die getting shot around corners and being completely missed by snipers and shotguns, it is hard for me to carry on playing.


I think the last point is the most important point because no matter what features or guns they put in the game, if the connections are bad, the game is virtually unplayable.

To solve this, they just need dedicated servers like most COD fans have been asking for. I don’t see how this is a problem because even it’s main rival Battlefield 3 has them, but for some reason a more popular and successful franchise cannot do the same.

For now I think I will just take an extended break from this game but I might play it again in a few months or so. Aside from these issues, the game has just got boring for me because it has been pretty much the same game for the past 6 years with the same game types etc. It really needs something new to freshen up this franchise.

Have you given up on this game? Let me know in the comments and tell me what you think are the worst things in Black Ops 2.


3 thoughts on “10 Things Wrong with Black Ops 2

  1. The bad things in black ops 2?
    For me, the connection, I have had more connection issues in this game than any other.

    There are definitely too many head glitches, but I still like the maps because most of them are small. I hate carrier, drone and yemen though, all these maps promote camping. Campers drive me crazy.

    Pistols. I actually used the B3xx pistol as a primary weapon yesterday and I was winning gunfights against shotguns, smgs and assault rifles even at range because I had long barrel. I was sick of getting killed by them so decided to see how OP they were. They are very OP, my KD is near the same to yours, 1.10, mostly because I play the obj but with a pistol (and i wasn’t even using akimbo) I was getting fury kills and quad feeds!. Kaps are getting a nerf I hear.

    If there is skillbased matchmaking it is broken, however, I thought skill based matchmaking was only for league play, league play is more fun for this reason. It’s more of a fight to win, rather than the MP lobbies that you either do very well in, or very bad. There is no middle ground therefore I think KD in this game is actually not very accurate of your performance. I can go 50-12 one match, then 20-25 or so forth. But that might be because of my next point.

    Spawn trapping. Either your team are doing it and push too far up and you get shot in the back, or the other team are doing it to you. It’s so easy to spawn trap in this game.
    However, I took a break from it, and have gone back to it now and am quite enjoying it again. Maybe because I was messing around with pistols. Also, I’ve been playing more Zombies since the Die Rise map came out and I’ve never played Zombies on previous CoD titles, but it’s actually pretty fun.
    Cool post. UAV’s and Orbital VSATs to you.

    • Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don’t think there is ever a way to get rid of campers, maybe completely take the ghost perk out the game and make people show up on the radar if they are not moving. I agree campers are annoying especially the ones that sit in obscure corners and wait for you to run past. I think pistols overall are balanced because I think only the Five-Seven and Tac-45 can hit people at long range with the long barrel. The Executioner is terrible but it’s so fun and satisfying to get kills with. I usually play kill confirmed so I don’t experience spawn trapping much but the times I have played domination, I agree it can get really annoying being spawned trapped especially with team mates not even trying to get the ‘B’ flag and break the spawn trap. I’m glad you enjoying zombies but I don’t enjoy zombies much because I think it gets boring quite quickly, by just running around in circles killing zombies or maybe it’s because I’m just bad at it! I definitely prefer the Modern Warfare spec ops missions.

      • Oh man I miss those spec ops missions!
        I was a total noob at zombies but found die rise totally playable. Unlike Tranzit which was dire and says a lot about Treyarch. “Here’s our giant zombie map, we didn’t even finish rendering it, so here’s lots and lots of smoke”.
        Running past the B flag on Hijacked happens more times than I get UAV’s. I don’t mind the ghost perk, I use ghost and flak jacket, if you’re on the objective ghost also works then. It’s the only way you can stand still and have ghost work, if you’re actually playing the game and not hiding in a corner. 🙂

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